the inadequacy of acceptance

I’ve been out for a long time and had many people identify themselves as my allies, which is very nice in some ways, and then typically they follow that up by going back to watching TV and eating chips, and I have to say it leaves me somewhat confused. It’s great to be an ally and the realization that there is a problem is a vital first step, but without followup and subsequent action it’s a mere gesture.

I find that too often others’ acceptance does not rise beyond this level: they accept me, but take no actions and don’t see why they should be involved as it isn’t their issue.

It’s total bullshit to hear about how equal people think you are while at the same time they brush off the issues you bring to them from your daily life, while they pretend that their acceptance of you overcomes their dismissiveness of your reality, their refusal to engage, their willful blindness to the facts of your inequality so they can feel okay about doing nothing.

Stop pretending your mere acceptance is adequate.

Stop accepting the status quo.

If the realities of inequality do not make you burn to right them, then your acceptance of others is limited at best. This is especially so in an age when a great deal of activism can be carried out by doing nothing more grueling than what you are doing right now: poking around with a computer.

It’s true that no one can do everything, but this is not an excuse for doing nothing.


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