You lose

Steve Jobs made beautiful, amazing products. I use two Apple products daily and love them.

However, these products are not made by Americans. They are made in sweatshops in China, where wages and labor protections are less. Eighteen people have committed suicide because their lives making these products were so miserable, and because the payout to their families for their deaths would be more than they could ever hope to make.

Apple has been responsive to the issue of worker abuse, but their response has not been to try to move operations somewhere with greater protections for workers and they certainly have not tried to move things here to the US.

Despite his extreme personal wealth, Steve Jobs was not known for his charity work, unlike his most obvious counterpart, Bill Gates. There is no Jobs Foundation. Jobs’ attempt to create a better world was significantly limited to selling beautiful things made by miserable people who could not afford the products they made, while those of us who bought them did so at the cost of knowing our neighbors were out of work because manufacturing has made like Elvis and left the building.

So I’m declaring a new rule: if you die with a huge amount of money sitting around that you’re not dumping into building a better world, YOU LOSE.


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