Remember a while ago when I wrote that post about how drug-testing welfare applicants was a stupid idea?

Well, the ACLU agrees:

The Department of Children and Families’ central region has tested 40 applicants since the law went into effect six weeks ago, and of those 40 applicants, 38 tested negative for drugs. The cost to the state of Florida to reimburse those 38 individuals who tested negative was at least $1,140 over the course of six weeks. Meanwhile, denying benefits to the two applicants who tested positive will save Florida less than $240 a month.

This law is not about efficiency, smaller government, or ensuring that people don’t use government assistance to buy drugs. It is about punishing people for needing help.


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  1. verucagonff says:

    Agreed. There’s a disturbing attitude that people who need help somehow are lesser and deserve their troubles. It seems to me that true patriotism would involve a unity with your fellow citizens.

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