Foreskin Man and how to undermine your own campaign

Today I was poking around the internet, like you do, and came across one of the worst comics I have ever seen in my life, Foreskin Man.

I read this comic so you don’t have to.

Foreskin Man is an Aryan-looking dude who fights the evil people who want to cut your infant son’s junk. Regardless of the merits of the arguments against circumcising infant boys, this comic is racist, anti-semitic, anti-medical care, and generally could not undermine its own case more seriously if that were the author’s explicit goal.

In the first issue, Foreskin Man saves a baby boy from being forcibly circumcised by a doctor who turns into a Hulk-like monster while the baby’s mom is right there saying no. It smacks of the anti-choice portrayal of doctors cruelly tricking ignorant women into having abortions they don’t want and of course involves Foreskin Man saving a beautiful helpless woman’s baby.

In the second issue, blond, blue-eyed Foreskin Man’s enemy is Monster Mohel, a rabbi. Monster Mohel. He has goons. They’re even called goons in the comic. GOONS. I did not call them that. The scene is at a bris, where the evil dad has secretly scheduled a circumcision so the baby boy can have access to his evil Jewish heritage. The mohel and his goons are possibly the worst stereotypes I have ever seen outside of nazi propaganda. Even a lot of the nazi propaganda I’ve seen is milder than this. Again Foreskin Man comes to the rescue of a beautiful helpless woman’s baby.

In the third issue, Foreskin Man goes to Kenya and teams up with Vulva Girl to fight genital mutilation – she saves the girls and he saves the boys! Aryan Foreskin Man saves babies from black people, who are of course ignorant savages. At least there’s a beautiful woman here who isn’t totally helpless. That’s the best thing I can say about this comic, which is overall less appealing than Harley Quinn’s new costume for the DC reboot. It’d be better if Vulva Girl could just save the baby herself, but women can’t save baby boys from circumcision! That’s a man’s job.

In general the idea seems to be that a blond, blue-eyed white guy in a pervert suit saves babies from a terrible fate perpetrated by monsters. Which is to say non-aryans.

This comic fails on pretty much every level there is. Foreskin Man doesn’t seem to have any real reason for his obsession with baby junk. There is no discussion of health issues, sanitation, or what advantages there might be to not circumcising. There’s no discussion of parents’ rights or the law. The autonomy argument is made something like once and not very clearly. The author confuses the issue by always having a fight between the parents about whether they want to circumcise their son, with dad as pro-circumcision and mom tearfully and helplessly against, essentially serving as the voice for the infant because women don’t have opinions themselves and aren’t equal partners in decisionmaking anyway. The villains are the worst kind of stereotypes. It comes off as advocating that white aryan men should be in charge because all those other men want to hurt babies, and women are too weak to do more than stand by and wail. Except maybe Vulva Girl, who we don’t really see much except so the author can kind of try to get in that circumcision is just exactly like female genital mutilation.

Way to promote a white supremacist heteropatriachal worldview and make a shitty comic at the same time.

Next time you make a comic called Foreskin Man, do it right and make it a porno fetish book.


One Comment on “Foreskin Man and how to undermine your own campaign”

  1. hdg1 says:

    I’d like to give the author a tiny little prop for having the guts or brains to actually use the word “vulva” properly, instead of using “vagina.”

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